The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainability of the cities by making positive changes in awareness level, core values and behavior patterns of students living in 9 cities through “Education for Sustainable Development”. Specific objectives are (i) strengthening of capacity on education for sustainable development, (ii) creating the behavioral changes at primary, secondary and high school students by providing edutainment with “Green Pack” educational toolkit in a mobile learning center and (iii) deepening the sustainability gains through the activities in which students and their families will participate together in a “Recycling and Circular Economy Exhibition and Training Center”.
Task 1. Capacity Building on Education for Sustainable Development
1.1. Reporting the current situation and gap analysis of schools, students and teachers in the selected cities regarding the education for sustainable development
1.2. Planning the education programme and preparing the materials for “Training of Trainers” being carried out to build capacity of educators
1.3. Publishing of Green Pack Education Toolkits for using in this Project Activities 1, 2 and 3
1.4. “Training of Trainers” for educators
Task 2. Trainings: “Green Pack on the Road”
2.1. Preparing the content for trainings
2.2. Making the plan of the trainings
2.3. Organization of local training activities
Task 3. Waste Management and Circular Economy Exhibition and Training Center
3.1. Preparing the exhibition venue and supplying the equipments
3.2. Launching and facilitating the exhibition and training center
3.3. Developing a communication strategy and the structuring/managing of social media networks

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